Friday, 18 December 2009

my sch and SNOW

today it snowed and i thought the world isnt as bad as i make it out to be right??

i love this artist love his way of working because it has alot of aggresion i feel. and so do i haha..and it helps me release stress.
this is the trees close up i mixed up watered down emoltions and pva with oil paints and acrylic paint and it mixes the chemicals in the paints to create really cool effect.

this is so funny but i thought came out really successful and atleast looks a bit like a ox head right.
i got all my things from my old sch woo i am so happy its amazing to see how much work accumulated over the two years wow.. i loved this tree one which i made two versions but one is actually up in reception wow i was so proud and tried to take a pic next to it but chickened out cause everyone was staring at me like i was some tourist lol.. anyways its overtaken the conservatery and my room but m so happy to be surrounded by my art i feel like a old poor artist living at her parents house.