Saturday, 16 January 2010

first time i tried to do a fashion illustration with just pencil without any mixed media it was soo bizarre my desk was ostensively tidy. but it was somehow peaceful workign with just a pencil a paper and your imagination. these designs were based for my photo project where i had to take pictures of the environment this particular peace is inspired by the tree roots taking conception from the way it drools and hangs and its texturee the way its wrapping around the body overshadowed with the light and soft fabric thats contrasting the garment inside and adding volume.


i realised i cant draw arms :( and somehow they always come out distorted so i must work on this.


this is from my sketch book as you can see i looovee mixed mediaa but i enjoyed drawing this way aswell i think i should consider drawing my models in this way with just a moree worked on background. finally i had a productive day even if it was the last day of the week i managed to actually do some work.