Friday, 29 January 2010

i have been hiding in my house not even going to uni all this week.

and i ate a hugeeee chocolate cake this morning. ruchu made it last night but i couldnt eat choc cake at 10 pm so i woke up early dremaing abt it which is very bizzare i know. but last night they were eating it in front of me makign these noise hmmmmm ohhhhhh ahhhh so yummy but this morning i ate it. i ate it all hahaha MWAHAHAHA. and ruchu gt angry cause she was planing to take it to school well la di da what abt my taste buds fighting for a piece of choclate. actually i keep craving for cheese and pizza all these fatty crappy food donughts omg huge creamy donuts pastaa cinamon roll, chinese buns chinese food i dunno alot of things.

now m too tired so m gnna sleep again. yesterday i spent the whole afternoon watching back to backs of arthur this cartoon. if you have never watched it you are missing out.
@everyday when u r walking down the street and every body that u meet has original point of view so i say heyy what a wonderful tiem today if we could learn to walk and play and get along with each other"
thats right i am that cool that i know the theme tune off by heart. still i love it.
but knowing its the weekend is slightly making me feel better. and i wrote a play yesterday about a transexual ganguro living in japan who was saving up money to get a sex change. m gnna try to carry tht on. i want to buy a camera so i can film and direct it. if i wasnt gnna be a artist i would definately go in the field of directing and editing video i love it. or musician haha..i want this canon camera man i do have enough money saved up for it but its my only money if i buy tht camera i have no money forever sigh i keep looking at it everyday but sigh! alright peace