Wednesday, 24 February 2010


this tatoo is so cute. theres a saying if you make 1000 canes for your otherhalf then your love shall carry on forever. i really like believing in such things, i read the horoscope always am so supersticious i wait for someone to cross if a black cat has crossed things like this. i think i am really gulable and even my friends take advantage of this fact. but it comforts me to have my own beliefs.

i havnt worn eyeliner in so long. you know the emo phase. haha it makes me feel like a youngster not that i am a old granny but i was so into that phase i remember. :D aniways today i randomly started putting makeup on me actually i been feeling really ugly lately. i think i gained some weight and it made me kinda depressed but today i thought sanjita instead of crying about it do something about it so tomorrow onwards m gnna try to loose weight and run around the weather seems nice soo we will see if i can manage to stick to it.

i made some paper dolls. of snoopy. people in my uni calls me sunny and its cute caus my fren randomly made it since she couldnt say my name properly and now everyone calls me that aww.

today i learned some songs in kantis ukulele its actually not as hard as i thought it was and i can actually play few simple songs. yush!