Saturday, 27 February 2010

sono heart. i love her hair.

today i learnt few songs in kantis ukulele and realised because its only four strings even musically retarded person like me can play things it was really a HALLELUAH moment. and seriously i am falling in love with it now i cant stop playing. my hands are kinda sore T_T still i want to play, all the songs i know i want to play it all mwahaha..also i wrote another script in japanese since i found a translater in google hehe so m gnna make a movie because i love it when theres a narration in japanese i love the voice i love japanese language its one of the preetiest language in this world, my scripts are always half finished but i have decided m going to buy a camera i also really want this old vintage camera because the video comes out all flickery and sepia its so beautiful really i have a knack for old items, things people dont appreciate i want to own such things and love them make them my precious. oh as i was saying i am goign to buy a camera and record a movie over the summer this is my to do things. i always imagine aoi to play the girl in all the movies BECAUSE SURELY IT IS GOING TO COME TRUE. -sarcasm-

i was listening to this song by click five okay maybe its quite a emoish song but i am not gonna deny that i enjoy some of their songs so what if i have some emo fetish in me emo used to be cool once before,we all went through this phase. emo is still cool in some countries like this one singaporean girl that has so many songs in her youtube videos and i love her aww she has the cutest accent and the cutest voice, anyway i feel so funny how society conveys how we should style how we should be. how if a girl has the most expensive clothes and accessories they are automatically in the cool list. woow i think people who have less money are more creative. its wierd how i want to go to fashion yet i am not really into spending so much money on a item i mean unless it was really amazingg because even designer things i always think i could make a version of it myself so i never buy haha. lately i want to wear random long items i have this really long logn coat that makes me look like a penguin and i wore it all day in the winter now i am goign to home a long long summer dress i dont know why i like it. right now.

i wi sh i could just do whatever and be crazy walk naked if i want to or wear everything i own if i want to, paint my whole body and roll around instead of walking why do i have to walk in two feet because humans do? why do i have to talk why cant i blink to send some sort of message like those codes every blink means a certain thing haha 3 blink what could it be thats right make me coffeeeee!. why do i need to eat with my hands why cant i use my feet or just eat like animals grazeee like sheepp. sometimes i feel intelligence and curiosity of human kinds itself ruined the life we could have had, we could have been just adventerous people like tarzan swinging on vines wouldnt you have wanted to swing on vines. i mean we were just the same as animals before. personally i think animals have the best kind of life the laziest the stress free, the happy kind of life. as kanye west says WELCOME TO THE GOOD LIFE.

oh how i wish i was a cat. or a koala.
soeaking of animals i used to love this cartoon 64 64 64 zoo lane it only came a little later on the day so on school days i missed it but everytime i was ill and stayed home i could watch it it was so fun. ahh good times. it was about a girl who had tlakign animals and they told her stories at night.