Monday, 8 March 2010

forgotten souls waiting for their long lost love.
meand ruchita had a long long chat one night.
i never realised her pain i have been so selfish all this time
thinking its only me in pain its only me who feels this
i guess i became too absorbed with my own problems i didnt realise how hurt she was
i always seem to think for myself i always moan that theres no one for me to talk to
but where was i when i needed her
you know i am the older sister
i should have been there i should have been stronger for her
i should have helped her
i am sorry sister
but i am happy you have found someone to love now
atleast you can live happily
but i am still stuck between the lines.
well actually i would like to believe that i have matured enough to realise my naiveness
i just wont go into love again with that same attitude i think ill know when ive found that person i just wont give my heart so easily to ever guy i find cute or every guy that charms his way
ruchu said how easily i become dependent on my other half and i think its right you know.
next time i wont become this way
but i realised i always try to fight away from love these days but i know deep down
its what makes me happy
i love being in love
just sometimes it fucks me up.
so i guess ill be more cautious. but i wont run anymore.

doesnt this make you feel nostalgic about paris. hmm

i edited some of my paris photos for my 6 photo project. and finally finished my sketchbook yush!