Saturday, 6 March 2010

icollect everyyything. my house isgoing to end up turning into this pile of junk because i cannot make myself let go anything. because ll use it all for my art. i will iwill. anything can be art. everything has its ownbeauty.^^

i always wake up so early so i always go outside to get some air and see this beautiful view. its all worth while u know.

we had to keep a sketchbook for paris so i decided to decorate it with shizzz

umm sometimes ilike drawing like kids. your inner childness lol

i had a burst of feminine vibe today and was desperate to go to themarket
but after a long time i went to my beloved mote park
although the weather tricked me as no it wasnt as warm asitlooks.
but man i was so happy today to be along with my friends tolaughtotalktoeat
just sharing these moments as that mastercard add says memories with friends are priceless.
today i am happy to be alive.