Thursday, 4 March 2010

i want to draw illustrations like her.Jinyoung Shin its like something between anime anorexics. but dont you think theirs something behind their eyes. i love it.

i am thinking abouttttt forgetten places?? i quite like this idea to incoperate for my final design so m thinking. thinking hmmm.

seriously doesnt this seem like you could build it quite easily maybe in the summer i might do some experimenting diy build your own house and live in the garden just if i ever need some piece and quiet.

ok i am officiallyy in love with their artistic videos done by danny perez they are called animal collective and man i want to make a music video like this if i ever get round recording a song haha. but its amazingg.

i am actually ill today :( so i watched anime all day and slept but now its too sunny so m awake but my nose is so blocked and i swear ive gone deaf. twa twa twaaa