Friday, 28 May 2010

i have been reading this book i found in charity shop about loving yourself. it says how unless you learn to love yourself you wont find love because you yourself are love.
i think its ofcourse easy to say.
i love myself
ofcourse its just my hands typing in this keyboard there isnt some shield blocking me so clearly i can write this i can say it. but somehow deep within me. theres something. something. a scar.
i wonder if depression will lead me to obesity.
since i just nearly ate a whole bar of choc whilst writing this
and that scares me
and it _____ has become my priority so much so that nothing in life matters to me.
except this
this thought
this wanting
this this this secret of mine
and its always on my mind
even when i dream
i dream it in my mind
so i wonder
if i die
if i die
then will i be peaceful?
god. if you are out there. please listen to my prayers.
i am so tired