Monday, 21 June 2010

isnt this a nice tonal matching happening here. i like it i like it alot. i am liking simpler things suddenly i used to really like folky type aswell like old russian clothings all the patterns and rich colours jewelleries but now i like everything likeee toned down simple simple i feel like speaking in a low slow voice "hello welcome" like a massus would speak. perhaps my mind seems so tangeled i need everything to be likee spaceddd out so i can feel a form of peace so i can be a littlee omm. you know what i mean. i have been reading kurt cobains journals and woww the way he writes is beautiful he was truly born to be a musician a writer poet wow do you know what he says which i remember "life isnt sacred passion is sacred" and it made me think wow i must do something that i am so passionate about that i would give up my life to dedicate it to you know that is probably what life is all about. and his depression it just made me feel normal that i feel like suicidal sometimes although i guess kurt cobain was hardly just a normal guy it was sad that he was such a drug addict and he was always in that much pain :(. but he has inspired me to write my own in a book rather then internet but mine is merely in case i did kill myself i would want someone to read the thoughts that went in my head to understand the mental case i had become. cause actually i really enjoy writing so today i might go and buy a notepad cheap one somewhere.

okay chow amigos