Saturday, 5 June 2010

its me dont you recognise me?

i had a strange dream about my first love
wheree it was so vivid
andd he looked completely different like a whole new person
whole new facee when act he had only gotten fatter re
yet in my dream he was a diff face
a face i dont know? who is tht person?
anyway i was so shocked i dont think abt him for ages then out of the blue i dream abt him
and also i had short hair and was wearing some trampy clothes all layered eating snacks with likee snots coming out and flies flying over my head like a true hobo
i think i know what my dream means you know.
its likee to me that person i once loved and cherished so much he doesnt exist anymore
because you know what people change
and he changed. i changed. time changes us all
so the new him the one now i dont seem to know
he is like a stranger to me
and me being ugly
well thats just my self confidence
i clearly have issues
but whatever

its wierd it is