Sunday, 25 July 2010

what day is it? i wonder how people can suffice with life when there is no school college uni or job. i mean seriously i yearned for these days when i had so much things to do, to be at this moment of perfect freedom, a blissful state of peace and zen, i can hear the omm ringing through my ears like a whisper from buddha himself, yet YET i can no longer stand with boredom. and i have become some internet shopping whore. m sorry dad. :) hehe
its soo simple yet soooooooo polished.

i am kinda a sucker for cute packaging cause yea i am that childish :)

but i have occupied myself with movies and i guess it is my own lazyself that isnt going out and getting a job. today it looks grey and about to rain but i am planing to go to town because actually i am happy to get some cool weather and wear a sweater maybe :) i think of all the things i could buy with money and then i walk around pretending i am rich and can buy anything. hahaha because you dont know me maybe i can maybe i cant. mwahahaha mwahhaa i have some change haha if its good enough for the flea market its good enough for me heh heh