Sunday, 29 August 2010

a start of a new fresh life yush yush i feel happy spent so long talking with pranu and saugat that my sadness was melted away .
yesterday i met him mr a lets say and he was waiting backstage after our performance and i dunno it was really surreal to actually talk to him properly because i hadnt seen him for maybe a year butt the thing was i didnt really feel any pain i just felt a warm happiness to see him just like seeing an old friend, and it was likeee actually seeing him healed my heart when i had been so afraid oof seeing him and bursting out in tears it actuallyyy made me feel better.

today i feel so refreshed reawakened reborn haha
a new naked baby
although i was deprived off sleep from 4 yesterday and got woken at 6 today by my mr no house key dad still i feel so happy that i actually want to go shoppinng with my sisters haha and celebrate. like the end of an era a sad era because i even saw him with his gf couple of times and i felt hmm not as sad as i thought i would feel yus i feel so happy today it amazing.

after chating with pranu yesterday. she motivates me so much she is amazingg she has like the most beautiful heart and mind the way she thinks the way she is just she has this passion and love for life and wanting to achieve something so much her willingness and hard work its just something i want to possess she makes me want to be a better person because she is younger then me yet she is just so mature and clever and just wonderful . she worked sooo hard i remember whilst everyone went out bla bla she was always doing her work she also does textiles and i would always sympathize with her work load because I KNO howww time consuming and hard work it is but at the end she got so many a* in her results i think 9 a* and i was so happy for her she is justt a star herself really after talking to her on the way back home frm train watching ruchu n priya sleeping haha priya with all her hair flying around and laughing at my husky voice because of rugaT_T aniwys it was just such a wonderful chat i just think if i talk to her always i will always feel this revived and happy haha and then had a huge long chat with saugat and he is just such a wonderful person aswell always makes me laugh and amazes me because he is actually so clever and knows so much about life i feel like i could learn alot from him. well today i need to go buy present for pranisha her birthday prty tomoro wooo i hope i find something amazing for her.. okay then good byeeeeee :)

wouldnt it be nice if it was always like this .