Thursday, 16 September 2010

whilst seeing my dads back he looks so tired and lonely. i dont kno since when we became so far apart and why. deep inside i kno he works so much just for us to be happy to have a home thats why he is so busy so stressed out so i shouldnt feel anger but love. and respect. even though i do get angry at him i kno deep inside i love him very much and he only wants the best for me. i hope someday we can be how we used to be. and our fmaily is just like the other families so happy and normal like. i dont remember the last time we ever ever ate together. sat down and talked about anything we dont do anything anymore. when we were young we used to go shopping alot it was soo fun and always mcdonald hahaha and i used to think my dads so cool always buying me new dresses and what not. from being a daddys little girl i have become so distant from him. i always always blamed them for everything when i actually know its me whose makign it this way. and really i do love them alot. they are actually the greatest if i really think about it. they are so cool about alot of thing that other parents would totally kill you over they try and understand but i guess i have a very coomplicated mind at the moment as well so its a bt hard for them but really they try so hard. so today i feel appreiciative of them i hope someday we can all rejoice and laugh together and be a merry little family :)