Saturday, 9 October 2010

didnt even kno dashain has already started.

i bought a new laptop
its so manly
and black
all rigid
i shud call it
it gives that vibe
but my parents wanted durability tooo my shallow preety preety "i want preety laptop comment"
well i have been thinkign abt my life and wondering why did i choose to go to london
i mean the hype and the busyness is like
actually unbearable to live with everyday
its fun like day outing but wow everyday
i feel likeeee
i dunno my area is like freaking artsy fartsy land and serious to god i feel so undressed being there and i seem to be always traveling in the morning looking like a serious druggie like my black eyes have soared into inhumane disgustingness haha yer but m beautiful my friend is like so freaking concious of her fashion its actually likeee spreading on to me and m changing man m changing wdf
to be honest i am like a country girl
like i prefer to live somewhere where no one is around
and beautiful sceneries and greeness and river and sunsets
i am like content with solidarity
and my fren always wants to go clubing
and m like err
i wud rather wtch anime n sleep in
looser of the century should be posted in my forehead but i cant help it i am boring most tiimes even alcohol just makes me sleep but i liek geting high haha
aniwys i better go and party soon
get the jest of lond life. and maybe ll become a more fun human being

ok m gnna stalk aoi yu again
there was a jap girl in my course
and my frst comment was
do u kno aoi yu
she is so preety
i think this is more then a girl crush
this is love