Monday, 6 December 2010

in this whirlwind of a life
a thought sprung to me
in the mist of winter
with my giant yepie lookalike coat

indepth analogy
what m i really doing??
where m i going?
although yes i am at times a carefree soul
but sometimes even these thoughts kinda haunt me
i am a human being unfortunately

so lost
at times
yet always
at most
i mean
its me
me myself
isnt it??

i seem to be paralysed with emotions seeking relief for numbness and happiness i guess.
but there are simpler things i seek....
i want a tatoo
i want a peaceful life
i want to rebel against society sometimes
and at most i guess
i want to fall in love
once i have let go
of someone
but yes that will come to me someday :)

life goes round and round
you only get it once
i dont want to waste it away
god please give me strength
thank you
good night