Friday, 21 January 2011

i am really liking the illustrations of old japanese cartoons u know not animes but i love animes too :) but old cartoons haha i like their vibe it has a really really nostalgic vibe. even the colours are slightly less saturated and the tempo of it is so mellow like a lazy summer afternoon, and i like how its narrated usually it reminds me of being a kid like the good old days. i think i should stop with the seriousness in my attitude, for now, rejoice in life!!. thats why i think i cut my fringe aswell today because i love the childhood phase of our lives hahaha i wanted to look more kiddish also i was getting too bored with my hair literally if i ever feel like a change in my life i cut my hair its really strange but i do that! if u ever see a hair cut frm me expect tht soemthing in my life has changed something has occured that sort of nature :) most times its tragic mishaps but today it was a good one i think :)

hai hai nani nani!!
i love japanese culture i am planning to go there or new york for a exchange from my uni haha but i think in japan u nd to be able to understnd quite good japanese like what they teach you cause its for a year but we shall see. but new york seems like a really cool place to visit i like their relaxed attitude undergroudn artist world i like it alot.

this one is showing my sad emotional side and this botom one is just bragging okay T_T m sorry haha but this is the first time i ever bought a good phone that i love usually i buy cheap phones out of my sisters ia lways had the crap phone because i feel really bad making mum buy me epxensive things and really i m nt really hyped abt the phones u get here they seem so dull and manly T_T jahja but this one i gt off ebay and its softbank its so cute and simple but i love it :) now i can call people yei finally human contact halleluah!
okay guys we are making momo now well my mum literally burts out dyign from my momos T_T but really it is a artistical approach in momo making okay :) there will always be people that get it or dont bwahaha. but it all goes in urs tumy oh so yumy yumy hana ta ^^ byeee
oh and watch this its too funny i love alexa awww