Sunday, 1 May 2011

today printed some cvs to go around trying to find a job but everyones like oh yea go to the internet T_T how lame i even printed my cvs in nice preety colours hahaha because it had run out of black so made it all wierdly colourful :) but aniways i manage to giv to this toy shop woohoo soo hopefully they may have space since its a new shop fingers crssed met anita priya justin and some priyas old skl mates went to costa and bought this drink which i though was liek mango n passion fruits cut up and smoothiesed to make it but it was liek literally juicee then they put loads of ice and blitz T_T justtt mango juice omg what a rip off money haha but anyways was so good ate a massive box of pizza then we wlked past this chip shop and anita was like oh remember this chip shop aww we used to go so much so we decided to go one more sake again hahaha and then ate more nom nom nom but then went and played some basketball and tht frisbee we found in the court WHICH WE DEFINATELY DIDNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO PLAY eta hanyo uta jane so comedy aniwys i feel so happy to meet my dear frens aww it brings back good memories of maidstone :)