Monday, 20 June 2011

i loveeeeeeeee the saturation, her makeup, the hair, her clothes such a beautiful intertwining of colours..
fashion stitchedd such a cool idea!!
i love oldern styles i dont think i could pull it off that much but still the look is really nostalgic!!
and ofcourse my love for long dresses i really want the ones a bit netty fabric soo these ones were so beautiful
p hard at workkk climbing like a spiderman
had a busy few days traveling to ps place bbqing in the rainn like the weather was literally rain then sunshine then rain again we kept going in and out of the garden man uk!!! what is wrong with u haha..went to the history museum and was flabergasted by the whales sizee i think i was the wierd asian kid jumping and staringg and drooling over it haha and watching his live painting he was amazzzingg truly a rising star aww haha and it was so much funn really i dont think there wasnt a moment when i wasnt laughing so hard haha so thank you guys you guys bring sunshine into my life :) so enjoy this music for noww its ok at first but gets so good once it gets more intoo it so listen until end wooo okay take care goodbyee!