Thursday, 16 June 2011

this movie is soo cutee they are some people who see elvis presleys ghosts haha yesterday we were wtching this really old black and white movie caus my friend had only 4 chanels in her tv so we were forced to wtch just that but actually i really liked this the old actresses how they act and talk and dress their perfect curled hairs and beautiful gowns their sinched waists and the glamourous life.
i want to also try an ombre type hair dyee lets seeeee if i feeel excentric enough to do it haha

i love this dress and those high shoessss maybe i should try making somee hmm

i bought some daisys from wilkinsons plastic ones and planing to make soemthing for hair haha spring hass sprung the love of flowers and nature to me but i was always a wierd nature loving hippie haha

ommmmmmm i love anything buddhism it makes me feel peaceful another new day yesterday we ate some ribs which i think we were meant to cook but we thought it was perhaps smoked or something and started eating it but it stank soo wierd and i dont thinkkk it was cooked just thinking abt tht smeel makes me nausious oh dear! haha aniwyss m just listening to songs and enjoying this perfect freedom with nothing to do aaahhh this girl has a really cute voice and i love how her video looks so bright enjoyy