Saturday, 6 August 2011

yea i always look like a hhobo

today i went to the market and fell in love with old clothes again recently i have noticed that i am going through some phases of changing my styles i have always been that granny of the pack girl but sometimes lately i like dressing like a young kid i dunno if i am going through like midlife crisis and the fact m getting old now this aug i will finaly turn 20 waa no more teen really i am so immature in some things to say i am 20 is really funny to me haha last time i saw these young people singing and they were sooooo good but only 17 and i thought wow i am old haha aniways the thing is i fell back in love with granny again and today found lots of clothes for like 50p 2 pound and i got this thing free that i wanted to try herbalism thing so yea m so happy right now nehehhe :) i shalll rejoice on my getting old and someday soon i dream to own a lil place o fmy own n a cute vintagey car once i saw this really mint green type bug type car it was the cutest thing and tht made me want to learn to drive but we shall see since i have no job n no money income its kindaaa hard to dream of driving at the mo haha k see u later byee:)