Friday, 18 May 2012

 i came here to answer. but ended up dwelving at my own life. printed amongst these pages, that young naive mind slowly squeezing into the sarcastic humoured adult -my fear ill become, how amusing it is to me to meet myself. blinded, wounded, brainwashed by stupidity- by lies. i have a worn out mind, heart and soul. yet i can always- always smile and laugh everyday i am probably laughing so hard. and i realised that i was searching for love all my life thinking it would give me happiness yet i am sure most of the pain and suffering my mental state of mind had was from such stupidity so now with this enlightenment i have come to say goodbye letter.


 love u r like santa claus to me i shall leave u cookies but who knows ull eat it or not. T_T

but i feel so much more myself.
at last