Tuesday, 22 May 2012


i am in mood for more prints i just love print works these days. i think i am stilll not even close to knowing what i want to do specificaly, i want to do it all but i just love every aspect of creativity- art- music- film- and the process behind it i am also really keen on trying to do some sculpture making so in search of good big bag of clay :) today did some illustrations listening to all the dark dark dark album i been eyeing up this vinyl player at da gdwils its 100 pound aparently very rare i was lking at ebay n u can get it quite cheap but i love da look of actual proper vinyl players its like being in dose old black n white movies n da old man in serving some drink smking his cigar humming some tune n marilyn manroe is all coy hahaha well i love it anywho so hopefully ill find one soon before i move out so i can put it in my new house i am so excited :)

 death came early to the little girl.
what was it that you wanted
what are you running from.
if you find it-
yet its not enough
if you died?
would you be happy then.

i love natali portman so beautiful n so talented.

i remember when i used to be a crazy designer always using wierd things it was such a passion of mine prob the most dirtiest messiest designer with a heap of crap on my table cause i just couldnt throw away anything without knowing theres no use for it everything had a use someway. n i prob still believe tht. aniwys i love those shoes and the eyes the textures the shape the mess yet pop arty look :)

its been such a beautiful day these days so warm so sunny makes me so happy these are the days i always wait for the summer. i want to go to the beach and smeel the sea air aaa n run my feet on da sand wa :) i am in a hppier mood today just been such a pleasant day ^^ so have a gd day all.

this is a small song i sang once upon a time. i love bierut.