Friday, 26 July 2013

i found loads of my old photos .

i woke up this morning cause i kept having the thought of clementines..... u kno those small oranges... so i wrote this small poem

let me swallow this clementine,
in the midst of mossy bays,
wishes amongst the white dandelions, 
as our heads dents on strawy hays.

summer makes me so happy and so lazy i wana watch anime or drama or movie n sleep all day.. except for making poems i have no other creative outlet and its killing me i think i should definately start painting.. i think i have too many emotions that need to be spread outttt.......... i hope everyone is having a beautiful summer :)

sivu is the most beautiful artistt i have ever heard and i am gonna see him this august i am sooooooooooooo excited!!!! his songs give me goosebumps and some sort of faithh,, i dont know i feel sometimes everything is falling apart in the brisk of crying but i play his songs.... i can hear him and suddenly its like hes saying it will be okay. so i love his songs alot :)