Wednesday, 11 September 2013

i have been stalking blogs, something i have weird fascination with, since i am a prolong blogger i wonder what the others must think and write when they blog, just like how i think do they think the same, also i have a strong desire in photography these days i was trying to use my manly face as a muse. i am going to try and use my abandoned olympus camera that i got from ebayy. the autumn has come in the uk and somehow i am welcoming cold for a change.

 i think as you get older you just enjoy being gloomer then hyperactive,

 i enjoy the smoke the thoughts the writings and pages, 
the blogging the stalking the music i listen,
 the thoughts wise words from wonderous creatures,
 artists i admire and inspirations i gather,
 and naked photographies, hairyness and soft skin, 
sometimes simplicity, white pages fill my brain
wanting nothing more then to listen to the rain.

and i see that i like to rhyme and make poems.
well i hope everyone is good and happy my birthday is in saturday and i am not in the mood for dancing.

i was looking at miranda julys interview and i love this idea, this idea of involving the public, somehow teaching or making them see whats already beautiful in life, sometimes i wonder if i have forgotten to love others, and feel sympathetic or empathy if i am too picky now to share my love, i only love the ones closest but should i love everyone as we are all the same, i guess i like the idea of sharing love, its free to give away so why not.