Friday, 14 February 2014

this valentines day i am single but i wrote this poem in the feeling of love i feel right now.

love you deep cut
the souls
that ferment your growth,
 another day
and blossoms afloat,
you realise love
it did not gloat,
its kindness it seeked
with warm hands
and warm toes,
and walking
in the evening road,
its something u kill
butt again revived,
murderous in some
of the heart u once liked,
but craving forever the
soul of kind
the human nature
thats forever love blind,
so love forever and everyday


 ezra miller foreverr my friends tell me i would look like him if i was a man haha not to be narcissist but i do love him and the way he is so carefree and so well spoken and so talented and so preety :3

 sean caskey
he has such a lovely smile and their band is so talented the music is so crisp and melodic always makes me happy their tune
 jack steadman i jus love him because he is a genious and his voice gold butter peanut butter smooothhhhhh :D i love his smile he is so handsome i love his glasses and i love his lyrics and the person he is :)
and he is just too coolll for skoool i will always lov ehim he was my first love! leonardo dicaprio

he is so beautiful i love his eye smile i love his acting all the movies he choses are so obscure and so different from anything and so well written i love them all. i love him too.

the people i love i wish you all happy valentines hope my love reaches out to youxxx :D