Wednesday, 13 January 2010


i must learn to use paints better. yush!


this is my scrap book of thoughts for my designs and inspirations.


morning mess accomulated over my dining room table since my room has no space for me to work on at the moment.


i love using brown tape with everything my friend says i must own like a million pairs of brown tape as every picture i use atleast some form of brown tape. not million maybe 3 or 4 rolls. brown just adds a suttlety to the picture.. i love the effect it gives with the emoltion. i guess if i use it all the time it might become my trademark :D

i tried to do my hw....and felt kinda inspired and motivated for oncee afterr a whileee ^^

oh and it was marys first day at school how adorable


i love that umbrellaa giv meeeee :____:


i love that coat of mums wore it to college monday. i am loving long garments at the moment. anythign thats larger then me.. i shall wear.

oh mary chann how u have grown already a schooler. although only till 11 how i wish to go to such sch where in her bag it was literally nothing but soem spare clothes incase they make their clothes dirty haha..

alright more hw researching to do