Tuesday, 12 January 2010

i desperately need some oil paints pronto arrrrrrrrr.....but the snow oh the snoww.

life is technicolour!

waking up from insomnia? its worth while to see this. :D

i keep getting wierd dreams of people from my past just their faces always fizzled out its like a scary horror film everyones making these terrible howling nosies and their faces are blurring. its destroying my sleeep. and ruchu (mysis) is sharing bed with me since my cous is using her bed at the moment, so shes always constantly talking to her bf in those lovey dovey way thats kinda sickening but i am really happy for her. last time i heard her cry to him because she was talkign about her past lover it surprises me that shes so little yet she feels so much emotions to me she has always been the wierd little sister but to actually realise she has feelings and she felt somethign for someone just like i did once its amazing to me. but i have lost the will and patience for love at least for now.still i would appreciate some nights off just to sleep peacefully but what can you do.young love.

hey saibaba please let it be hot soon.

> i yern for summer
and to sleep under a tree
on the grass
and look at the clouds
m sorry m such a hippie