Monday, 22 February 2010

this was botansky gallery it was mahussive and there were fabrics everywhere i thought my room had a lot of clothes bu tmygod there were alot of clothes.

in tues when we were in paris it was pancake day so we all bought some crepes just to celebrate it together aww. i dont understand how french people are so skinny when their food are quite fattening food like croissiont french fries crepes these are food that franch is known for so its bizarre to me. i am thinking its france french people with their sexy accents must be busy doing alot of loving if you get me. i think that is the answer hmm

i really like this model she was in the american model series and she was this girl the quietest one no body liked by when she took pictures it was as if by magic she just turns into this amazing model person and takes these beautiful pictures. i love it when you see unexpected things from people. its more interesting when people have quirks about them. what if we were all grey blobs in a grey world. i wonder if it would be good or bad. we would all be same all equal and it would only be our personality that shines through. and love would be for real reasons rather then shallowness. however i do like showing originality and creativity through the way i dress i dont know if i could handle being the same as everyone since i can remember i have always tried to be different even at school iw ould jazz up my uniform lol. once i made a clip and stuck some buttons on it and my friend really liked it so i kept making different ones to wear haha compliments work too well on me. i care too much about other peoples opinions even though i want to deny and say no i clearly do. ugh. if i wasnt such a lazy ass i would love to make soem clothes i think m gnna do this as my sumemr project if i go to nepal ll make it there its even cheaper to get things there wow.. m excited.

this picture is not mine but its so preety and cute like some fairytale wonderland. god in the summer i want to go for a adventure aorund beautiful areas. i was searching to go to ireland my friends from 6th form always used to tell me abt it sinze their family came from there. so i just wan tto go like in a bike carrying a tent have a really nature experience no fancy hotels or anything jsut traveling and admiring mother nature wa. soon it will come soon ^^