Monday, 22 February 2010

aoi always has this aura about her in her pictures. i guess its her style maybe but this hippiness this nature loving. its so peaceful thats why she is my favourite japanese actress and maybe i obsess over her quite alot.

this is such a cool idea. we had a deconstruction session for our fashion if only my creativity exceeded that far to have thought of such a original idea. i think i made a dress out of a coat err and i remember i actually ended up loosing it at the end when we had to take it back home and i put it in a bag then went to the library after sch and totally forgot to take it at the end it was the weekend the next day so i think they threw it away :( maybe i have a picture of it soemwhere hmm.. its my ownly memory of it. so sad how you work so hard for something then you have to destroy it. it hurts me. and it hurts me to just put pictures of your work in portfolios i mean pictures are nice i like photography but it just doesnt quite show the real work.

i feel like i always try so hard to be someone else. i think i should learn to accept my own skin.

i love pale colours at the moment if i had money i would indulge in chloe shoes they are so preety. its the only word to describe preety. however i am poor soo i shall live with cheap tattered shoes from markets or any other place i can bargain off HE HE HE. i think i feel more satisfied when i know i have got a bargain, last time i went to market with 3.50 and bought i dunno 6 or 7 clothes it was preety amazing. it was so funny since i had uni that day and the market is on my way to uni so i went there early and went to uni with all thes bags of old clothes. i feel like a old hobo that scavange for food in bins haha i think thats the future me. but frankly i dont care i like being this way i hate being polished and prestine maybe thats why i dont really get so well with girly girls. i just have no interests in things girls would find interests in i dont have a facial regime i dont do my nails i dont care for my hair i wear cheap crap makeup i buy cheap clothes. m i secretly a man. haha.

i am having a series of highs and lows today. its so random.
i have noticed how quickly mary has grown my little sister. and she talks so well and she can draw faces soo well the eyes and smiles are actually inside the circle. aww shes amazing i love her.