Saturday, 17 April 2010

how much will you change just to fit in?

i see people change right in front of me. is it time that changes us, the people we hang out with their influences we humans always need to feel belonged a part of something, a need by someone. our life is filled with desires. but isnt that just our weakness? when do you stop recognising who the person is looking back at you?

i had this art exam once and on the radio it played. "itll all heal better in time" that song by leona lewis i never really heard the lyrics properly but at that time it was so quiet and all i could hear were these words it actually gave me strength because i was so heart broken.

but slowly i am picking up my life back together. because you were a dream. as beautiful it maybe it never stays for long. it kissed me gently ,satisfied my hunger for love. but greed perhaps took control of me. until i was brought back down to earth again. i realised you were never mine to begin with.