Saturday, 17 April 2010

i want to be a great mother. and dress my kidsss really quirkyyyyy just like this and go shopping on sunny days and all the kids will make fun of them but really they are jealous they dont have a mum like me to dress them up hahaha. i actually really want to be a mother i dunno if i am a girl and thts just my maternal instinct but somewhere deep in me i want to love a human being so much so much it hurts, i would give up my life for them you know i want to experience this love and i think you cant love anyone more then your own flesh and blood.

omg i loveee guys with long hair m stalking japanese guys from this website styletokyo they have such untamed casual look about them. i think maybe i am starting to think abt someone. but i cannot accept such feelings. i dont understand it. i dont understand love.

i am going to diy some jewellery like this then i can see the every knook and corner of this world as disgusting or as beautiful it may be.