Saturday, 29 January 2011

i have become so unsocial . is it because i am ill?? and the constantt headaches are making me hate everything in my path. i have become like the nerves are popping everywhere BAHAH but really i just want to be this moody person , giving evil looks to everyone and be able to detest the world when i want to. seriously i get tired of being happy all the time sigh maybe i am ill or maybe this is the real me, paa either way i just want to be cooped up inside my own life painting some melodramatic art .. so i am sorry who encounters me at this stage of my life. i am in training to bcome a yakuza so i need this attitude i hope you can understand. but i hate depending on anyone or anyone depending on me because everyone lets each other down its a fact. alone u came alone ull go. sorry gomenesai.