Tuesday, 25 January 2011

my cousin sis gt engaged this week. the day before we went to meet her and she looked kinda sad because as a typical nepalese marriage it was arranged and she hadnt even seen him. but actually he wasnt too bad looking i was expecting somee really groce old pervy uncle type for some reason hahaha and i was like hello bhena i am really awkward with families but i really love this vibe of family love and i met like 4 old grannies of mine nt real bhojus but somehow related it was so nice to meet old people related to me :). i went to saturday market today and found some really nice trousers which i was really searching for its likeee horse riding type haha but it was only a pound wooo also i bought some old gorillaz cd of this old man who couldnt even see or hear me he was soo cute i had to buy ittt i searched long and hard and there were like a seleciton of u kno really reaaaaly old cds girls aloud backstreet boys and gorillaz was the only decent one i found and i had a certain desperate nee to buy of his table cause he looked so old and i just wanted to really help him lol also i bought some cards. and also i am officialy deaf i missed 10 calls today and my phone is on loud in my bag but still i am def. and i just realised i forgot the main important thing i went to buy LEMSIP!!! now my head to strting to pound it always comes back at night! oh god i am goign to lurk for some paracetomal now good bye. enjoy and admire the beauty of the world. i am happy today because i got to talk to an angel :D