Wednesday, 5 January 2011

i keep loosing things. chargers. i keep loosing chargers i bought two for the same phone and i lost it AGAIn. and i had beeen absolutely ripped off for my charger but still i was in a hurry so i bought it anyway T_T so m thinking of not even owning a phone now. i wonder if i could cope with that. like the good old days eh bring me two cups and a string i say.
i saw one for like 5 pound maybe that. yesss i really like cheap things i realised i dont buy clothes often that are worth more then a pound haha and it makes me happy that i got that bargain more so then if i had bought somehtign really expensive. yea i am like that a hobo in the making. and i know all the charity shops all the markets the days where to get bargain thats why its so difficult for me to leave this place i keep comign back.
okay today i have spent all day probably obsessing over michael cera i watched his movie nick and norahs playlist a bit late to watch but omg i love him and i totaly have girl crush on the actress aswell she has sooo good skin so procleinn and she act has a youtube account where shes just liek another youtuber but they were posted frm 2007 i think now shes more famous she hasnt done as much vid still i likes. and i watched most of michaels interview he is soo nerdy and whitty aaah michaelll hahaa i dont think it would suit me though to have someone nerdy i always imagined my other person to be likee a man that looks like he is frm the himalayas u kno dressed in that manner then we would have some fat cheeked babies and some buffaloes eating died jerky along our trips to the north pole yeaaaa. haha actually i really despise the cold weather so possibly that in a hotter setting that is my imaginary future love haha
i think i am going to go on a journey somewhere soon. i have been contemplating in my mind. maybe a journey for inner peace somethign of the sort. strange but i am itnerested in it. :)

in my mind
my heart
my stomach
and my head
a ningggggg!!!! feeling
feeling of lost hope. the will