Tuesday, 4 January 2011

i think i just fucked up my blog urgh so i was going to delete it
actually for a moment it was like a liberation
i thought this blog god i always write my depressing thoughts
i always linger about my past or moaning about family.. life.. bla la kahghg perhaps its like a feeling of deleting it all
but i like writing...
today i found a type writer which i have been trying to get for soo long even looked at ebay and all they have is like this new modern type writers i want the old old olddd man tht creaks and is all metally and has a slight fade to the letters arg aniwys i only had 10 pound to last me whole day since i have lost my card and had to ask mum for money wow nostalgiiia aniwys tht typewriter was 12 pound so :( but i managed to get 3 clothes this waistcoat which was a really good find looks likeee tibetian well a thinner version cause its not like thick yeti style still i likes :) a clock a little pan to cook one egg u kno those tiny ones where u just crack one egg and it makes its shape its soo adorable and is all antique looking i actually think its for hanging in wall as decoration but ill try it anyway :) and i bought some food aswell all for 10 pound god i should write about how to save money for amateurs yush.

i love kim daul and i read her blogs even though it maybe creepy that she is dead and i am reading a dead persons blog, it feels like shes alive through her blog its wierd but still she inspires me i guess and she was only 20 .one year older yet she did so many things already in her life its preety amazing today i was watching a show abt a guy who is this musical genious and he basically had this disese tht means hes like a human bomb and he just explodes and coughs blood and has to take like 50 pills a dayy and inject all these medicines and he was trying to make it as if he was used to it and its normal being so strong so ambitious soo passionate so talentedd for his love of music it was beautiful i love passionate people to feel passion to feel so strong to give your life for something i love that feeling when you find it. i hope i regain such feelings.