Tuesday, 22 March 2011

good morning!
genki deska?
i think lately i have been happier
perhaps these are my reasons for my absence
sorry blog i used you only to devour my sorrows
but i have come back with inspirations
:) so dont worry i am still here
theres was this project called little drifters where people created small things that float along the water so cute.little boat for the dragonfly aww
being inspired by others work. well check them out quite cool :)

such a cool idea man so simple that i wouldnt have thought of it u know but its just really cool i like it alot.

and wow its really funny but i had seen something like this along time ago somewhere a box house type but a simpler vers i think and i had this idea of creating such a place for me to live during summer at my backgarden just as like a art itself like capturing images of each actions or making movie of me building and fast forwarded i quite like tht idea hmm. but i wanted to sort of convey the suffering of my homelessness during my stay in london and crashing around peoples places moving my things here and there missing maidstone haha yea well i am still thinkign and i have time in summer aniway so maybeee hmmmmmmmmm

its beautiful tho :) so simple and so cute and so organic wow

this video below is so soo amazing this is the reason i want to explore the world wooow i mean the things it has captured is like mind blowing people adapting to their areas and being able to do so many things really its like empowering human beings can actually do anything if they put their mind to it right. woow aniways i wonder if this is still on i just found it hmm youtubee maybe ok enjoyy and goodbye. :)