Sunday, 27 March 2011

this artist works on the unpredictability of paints of mixtures he believes in allowing mistakes to become something beautiful and it really is amazing!!
its a big bird house for humans wow how cool and even the place looks so clean and natural!! so tranquil, when i was a kid i always use to attempt to build tree house in the summer with few sticks and found materials it wasnt very strong or long lasting but amused my childhood days :)
so cute bed haha
can you believe this dog is worth one milllion dollars omg whaaaat its tibetian aswell woahh.
i wonder how she did it i am guessing like lazers?? but maybe she was relaly good at all the measurements and did it by hand still a really cool idea!!
so beautiful mixture
i like cute sweaters
this sweet song is dedicated to someone who inspired me, revived my passion for art, gave me hope and strength to keep working to follow my dream thank you for always believing in me even when i didn't myself haha i hope we both can make it come true :)