Friday, 29 April 2011

was hoping for some inspiration you know butt nothing came to me so i strted just puring paint everywhere hahaha
and then today

i cant believe this but my uni finished for this year wooo i lasted a whole year which i was really skeptical abt by like the first month or so but somehoww i did it yepieee :) and even in my deadline i literally was still doing wrk in the train i mean really i gta stop with this last minute wrkign situation i always seem to get into :D aniwys i think i better go and find work now i have 5 mnths of hols soo or if i could go to nepal singapore japan u kno asia tour woow then i would be so happy but we shall see how much money i manage to earn haha aniwys m enjoying this relaxing atmosphere wooo hooo m planing to build a tree house and maybe a illustration book and strt my selling clothes business fingers crssed hehe :) chao amigos.