Sunday, 26 June 2011

in everyones life there are so many things they keep hidden no one really knows everything!! perhaps that is better :0

even an old treee can become so beautiful

sometimes i think about how my life would have turned out if certain things never changed? how it will probably never be the same again through time everyone grows and lifee teaches you many lessons i think somehow i am greatful now for everything i have all the nice people i have fortunate to be friends with share stories hear their woes laugh cry. i had a dream and i missed those people thats why i am writing but i hope ill see them someday again :)

what a cute idea right
i like its simplicity. i watched this movie recently about four women who finish graduating and are on the path to find a job find themselves they go through fights and worries someone dies the job sucks they never get their dream job except one girl and another women gets jealous and they have massive fights but at the end everything is finee even if their life sucks they laugh it off drinking just the four of the and really i thought aahhh sometimes some friends are like your own family even if you fight or whatever happens still youll alwayss be by their side :) i dont know what i will do with my life but i feel like it will come to me someday. my computer has died for now so everything is from my laptop which doesnt have any interesting things saved at all T_T soo i dont kno what to do with my comp i dont understand what happened to it aniways see you later sayonara.