Tuesday, 19 July 2011

this is a drawing i did inspired by owls i have just been wtching so many animations like this and just been near so many illustrative people and its kinda fun to do something diff from my other pieces but i am very tempted to make other bigerr pieces paintings sculptures perhaps haha i havee this artistic thirst i need to quench :)
me n p i find this picture so funny it looks like really asian in ahellokitty world hahahhaa
ps drawings which i managed to steal mwahhaha
when we went to our uni ftball game only it rained almost all day so most of it was spent inside drinking abnormaly large coffes.
ps master piecee
sorry i have been so mia in my website i have been so busy traveling here and there its been really xciting and fun meeting my old frens making songs watching my frens art i think alot of it reminded me that is hould do something with my abilities too you know. its wierd to be in the other side i feel like i am the un artistic one now before i was always the artist in my group of frens now m jus like duhhh haha thats why i gotta keep on working and be motivated and inspiredd yush i can do this! its thanx to these amazing people who inspire me arigatoo :) alsoo i really need to strt selling all my clothes thts acumulating in my warddrobe its so much of things i dont use so i hope ebay or etsy shall help me plzz aniwys we sang dance dance dance by lykke li in this small nepalese venue which was like the most last min idea we did we went one day before and met shreya baini n decided to sing so we did hahaha and ruchu went crazy dncing here is a small vid http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=179425305455033 i dunno if we sound any gd or if ull be able to gt it but its just in fb at the mo haha but it was fun n scary a lil excerscise for our other gig in 23 this july woo we get whole 20 min so hopefully well be good plzzzzzz :) anyways thats all for now sayonara :)