Tuesday, 27 September 2011

i want this watch and bagggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

got ready to go to the market but realised it was too late by 12 T_T so stayed home making wierd videos and realised how fat my cheeks r getting like i look obese now :'( okay anyways i found this cool clothing site called discount its american . n been obsessing over the stylelikeu websitee i love looking at peoples clothes and their life stories how they got their things its so interesting .. http://stylelikeu.com/closets/saga-sig-2/ hers is quite coool too god i wish i had my own place to decorate my make my own aaah.

i could defnitely not be able to pull this off but still i like it haha

i love knitingg such a theraputic thing to do really m like a grandma at heart
i love clothes with food in it lol once i saw a hamburger dress n jumper i so wntedd but i think it was perhaps one off piece :'( but ive been planning to mke it ever since..
tese dresses are by marchesa arent they the most beautiful dreses uve ever seen so soft and so serene oo i wish i own such a piece. someday :)

oh n i like dis girls lilll bun bun :) ok i gtta go pik up mary at 3 chaoxx
i kno i am wierd but i like doing dis effect in vid mkes me feel like m in a dream n nothing is scary because nothing is real its juss pleasant.. like a daze a summer nap.