Sunday, 30 October 2011

hello world... i am still here.
somehow i forgot to write
i forgot the feeling of everything..
lost in my own self
lost within this darkness
it seems a tear has landed upon my cheek
from where it came from
i truly do not know
for who? for what? i dont know
i dont know anything
they ask n ask n ask n ask
i dont know
whats wrong whats right
whats what whats what
my heart ticking
for so long tickering
likee a broken doll
like an empty balloon doll
all my memories are gone
everything is just for now
i am living just for now
somehow everything seems so irrelevant
happyness sadness just emotions
my purpose has yet to be found
i am still searching for
miss ??

i wish i could be free of all this troublesome mess i have put myself into. but i will still say thankyou for giving me life no i will not take it for granted.