Tuesday, 7 February 2012

hi ruchu my inspiration my bald asian man.

her cheek piercings are too cute
can i just pour out the love i have for lana del ray first her name then her song and her look just too beautiful. i ope she comes here :).

hmmmmmmmmm desires.
it snowed n it poured here its kinda odd snowing so late.. this world might be going downhill i dont know what will happen this year i hope i am content with the life i have led if anything does occur. as they say about the 2012 ending.

mary got so excited from the snow she was running around in her dress and bare foot at first not a care in the world i told her if she doesnt wear shoes we will have to cut off her foot so she wore some :D
when will warm weather come i am not made for such cold weather :(