Monday, 13 February 2012

this is a smll iko alice diy i did on a magvzine photo :)
i have memories. feelings, of those few moments. its like a faded dream, recorded in a old film camera, warm sun rays hitting the screen with tattered playbacks hues colours, every memory seems hazy , everyone i have met. i am so thankful. but sometimes i wonder if i was a bad friend or if i am a bad person those friendship never stay the same and sometimes i miss those people, those people who taught me so many things, helped me become the person i am, those people i thought would be in my life forever somehow everyone ends up going their own pathway and one evening you are left wondering how it got that way. if they think the same or its just you who are missing them. i feel sad today somehow i think i lost a friend who i had trusted so much in the past whom i spent so many hours crying about small things and they always knew how to make me laugh i thought that friend would always be there but everything is just different now. but anyway i know i am thankful for the friends i do have and those who remain i trust and value most tremendously thankyou for being so wonderful.