Wednesday, 30 May 2012

dis is so amazing please watch it :)

o dis is lil simba she was soo amazed at the sight of my laptop haha

hi guys its been such a lovely weather its hard to stay in. well i just sleep in my garden under a tree makes me think of anime land or something haha been watching more of naruto shippuden and mygod its getting soo good now i saw the bit where he meets his dad and where ichigo is not actually evil brother and the sad story of pain and let me just say i cried a river watching each episode seriously naruto is soo goood why did i never realised this before everytime the beautiful flute music and sad tunes strt coming i cant stop myself. i maybe late but i feel like this enlightened moment and i am narutofied right now i have also made another friend of mine just as obsessed  i love how naruto is soooooo determined he is like this hope this lil joy whose always so full of life even though so many sad things happened to him and i dont care if it maybe childish to say but naruto is making me want to be a better human somehow haha other then that just been in really good mood my mood always become better in the summer so :) hope all is well and please enjoy more of my random gif i am trying to get used to my fringe but i dont think i would walk outside with it still :D

here is a small video i did well i am trying to see how people do this i mean i dunno how to talk to a camera so enthusiastically so i may be jus going ermajhajda in some cases haha but was fun hopefully ill do it better next time ^^