Friday, 1 June 2012

sometimes i wonder why i waste my time doing things i dont care about, writing things that dont mean anything, worrying about things that dont come true, wishing for everything that i want, wanting everything i dont need, when i just want to use all my time doing something i love and something i can progress and beee ammaaazing at. that feeling ah you made it, finally you are there where you never thought would come, i just want to be the best i can be so i am going to try, i will try forever :) so goodbye for now i need to get inspired and start working. i was listenin to cocoroise again and i thought if she was always meant to sing always meant to be found to be a singer at that band how it fits so well and her voice is soo haunting and so cute at the same time then i wonder why dont i know what i was suposed to do or when excatly will i realise, wont it be too late. maybe i am worrying again, worrying about nothing in a world full of people worrying over the same things yet still standing alone. the never ending cycle we call life.