Sunday, 10 June 2012

i am getting so bored of everything.
bored to care
bored to paint
bored to talk
bored to make friends
bored to watch
bored to cry
bored to laugh
bored to live
i feel so numb right now
i wanted to drink and wash away everyfeeling
but then i cant stand feeling sik frm alcohol
so now i cant do anything
i am just stuck in the middle of nothingness
breathing and living for no purpose
doing nothing for nobody
nobody knows no body cares and i am happy
like this to be like this always
unknown unloved unnamed
perhaps die like this slowly quietly
in peace
if i dont talk i wont hurt
me or them or her or him
if i dont make friends i wont be dissapointed
i do not feel any feeling of hate or love
i just feel i am waiting for time
to tick on by as i wait to die
and soon it will come
for now that is my status
i am not depresssed
i laugh alot
but i am not happy
to my fullest either
i am just nothing
i do not want to make or let myself think omg u are pathetic
i dont want sympathy  rather disgust perhaps
but i dont care
thats the thing
i stopped caring
so noww there is nothing to live for
when i think it seems true, real
everything bores me
every person annoys me
and i dunno if i became so arrogant or mean or hurtful person
and if i am happy to see myself become this person hating on the world
so soon i will die,

sayonara i hope i will become better person.
some day