Sunday, 17 June 2012

 my shoes came and i love them they are so comfy i love everything white these days.

i have decided.
i am going to die.

or leave this place.
and leave everyone.
and fade away
into nothing
nothing to expect
nothing to dissapoint
nothing to break
nothing to laugh
nothing to tear
nothing to remember
just a distant memory

and perhaps ill die on such trip.
then ill be happy.

things i cant say..
i am sorry i never tried to be a understanding daughter, always shouting, always hating, always disrespecting you, and perhaps we will never really talk or be the way we used to. but today i looked at our old photo album and i felt soo much love in those photos, looking after me up to now, all the albums with only my photos because you guys were so excited i was the first born prob haha, it makes me cry.....  i kno that we have alot of differences now,  we seperated so faar beyond reach now and more time of the year i say i hate you perhaps 98 percent of the year but i want to say happy fathers day and i will try to look after you guys and make lots of money so you dont have to work 24 7 and never have time for us.  please be healthy and happy.