Monday, 30 July 2012

 we went to the beach recently it was the most peaceful and beautiful moment. i really really really want to live near the sea side when  i am old  in a house where you can open all the windows the wind and the sun hits u softly, sleep as u hear the waves of the sea ahh it sounds so tranquil. like this where you can open all the window woow this is my dreaaaam :)

this is from a movie called architect korean movie :)

i am in love with marchesa. forever!

 i found an old photography of my hand done by my friend :) it looks bruised

 i really like alexa chungs hair n how preety she is like a cat :)

 this cake looks toooo soft n yummy wow
 such a beautiful baby
well i hope everyone else is having a lovely summer its going to be my birthday soon i am not sure what to really do but whatever it is as long as i have my closest friends and we have a good time thats enough for me :) see you soon. sayyonara!